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108 09-27
“Dog Health Day and World Rabies Day” at Zhonghe No. 4 Park

【New Taipei City】 Sponsored by New Taipei City Government Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office, the “Dog Health Day and World Rabies Day” was held on Saturday Sep. 28 at Zhonghe No. 4 Park. Dr. Wu, Ming-Chi, Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City, Mr. Feng, Hai-Tung, Director General of Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan and several officials from various local governments came to the park to celebrate all our furry friends and their human parents. Celebrities, such as Yu, Kuan-Hua was invited to sing for this event and famous TV anchorman, Li Tau, brought his dog to have fun with all friends, canine and human. Mr. Li urged all owners to pay attention to the health of their dogs and joining their dogs for a good workout. The weather was perfect today for all dog owners to bring their dogs to this healthy and fun event. Everyone had lots of fun working out and shedding some weight, and went home with happy memory and, if lucky enough, a little prize.

The “Dog Health Day and World Rabies Day” was held on Saturday Sep. 28 at the creativity plaza of National Taiwan Library and the pet section of Zhonghe No. 4 Park. Knowing that it is of the utmost importance to keep our dogs healthy, Dr. Wu was enthusiastically supportive of this event held by the Office and decided to share some thoughts with pet owners across the city and show how much he cares about dogs and their owners. As a part of the event, the detector dogs and their handlers from Keelung Branch Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine demonstrated how they detect the animal and plant products hidden in luggage, as to urge people not to bring any animal or plant into Taiwan from a foreign country. Not to be outmatched, the K9 unit of the New Taipei City Police Department demonstrated how their fearless dogs fight crimes and detect drugs. Trainers from Universal Police Dog Training School showed pet owners how to train their dogs to have fun with the facilities provided at the park, such as hurdles, corrugated plates, A-frame, see-saw, tire hoop, cat walk and canine agility props, all of which helped dogs for a good exercise and the owners to interact with their dogs for bonding. There were also a doggy maze, obstacle course and several game stands. The place was filled with exiting woofing and laughing. Dogs and their owners worked out together, had fun together and tested the chemistry between them while finishing the race for a prize.

Miss Chen brought her dog, Wan-Wan, to have a day of fun. Despite not winning anything, she said she would have never thought that she could have so much fun with Wan-Wan in so many ways and they really enjoyed it. She decided to add a miniature version of the obstacle course at home and work out and stay fit together with Wan-Wan whenever she has the time. Miss Chen appreciated the efforts of New Taipei City Hall for this event filled with all sorts of games to play and win prizes and teach dogs to work out for fun, in addition to the rabies vaccination and free chip implants. It really helps people to know a lot more about their canine friends in terms of pampering them, loving them as well as health issues that come with obesity. It was really fun to be there. During the day she and Wan-Wan met lots of news friends and already invited them to work out and have fun at the pet parks throughout New Taipei City.

Dr. Wu pointed out that an owner of new era has to be careful with the health of not only themselves but also their dogs’ because modern people and their dogs often eat a lot and work out little, which could eventually lead to obesity and, therefore, diabetes, heart problems and other diseases. It is an objective of this event to promote the correct idea of canine exercising and keep our furry friends healthy. In addition, New Taipei City Hall is promoting the “zero euthanasia, zero abandoning” policy and launching all sorts of adoption events, hoping that all these efforts will help more dogs and cats find their new homes and owner that love them.

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Mr. Chou, Ching-Chuan, secretary of New Taipei City Government Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office; Tel: 2959-6353, ext.: 270; cell phone: 0921-214-614

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